tirsdag 6. juli 2010

Wild Orchid Challenge Blog candy

 , Wild Orchid Challenge Blog, Ny utfordrings blog starter mandag 12 juli, og i den anledning har de en fantastisk blog candy, så  bli med på  blogcandyen og utfordringene deres.

3 kommentarer:

Hólmfríður sa...

Wow this is generous of you. If I am understanding your language right people has to comment here isn't it. Or doesn't it start until monday. I won't be home then but hope this comment will do. I love your website I come in here every two days and love seeing newcards from you. Keep on making so great stuff.

Best regards from Iceland

Hólmfríður sa...

where can I see your email address I seem to have lost it.I need to send you an email. Mine is hofyjons@hotmail.com

wustaz sa...

love your site!